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What is the process?  What do I do?  Where do I go?

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We make it EASY.   Very easy.   In most cases, simply call (972) 921-8972 and let us know what happened. This line is answered 24/7.  We'll ask you just a few questions about your loved one or friend that are needed to fill out the writ and the bond paperwork.

Next, we let you know how much it will cost.  No hidden fees.  No surprises.  The cost includes the bond amount, plus any necessary legal fees, which are usually pretty minimal - and remember, if you post a cash bond, the county will refund that amount (less a small admin fee) at the end of the case.


The final step is to meet us at the detention facility if you are paying in cash. If you are paying with a credit card by phone, then you don't have to meet us anywhere, we'll do all the leg-work.   We will ultimately post the bond at the Collin County Detention Center, next to the Sheriff's office, behind the Collin County Courthouse, in McKinney.  We don't waste time.  We'll be there quickly.  We will almost always arrive in less than an hour and we can give you a more specific time when we speak to you.   

If your loved one is in a city jail and need a Writ Bond in Plano, or a Writ Bond in Frisco, Frisco, or Allen, or Richardson, then there is an extra step in the process, but everything above is essentially the same.   Release usually takes 2 to 3-1/2 hours.  It could take longer for various reasons, and we'll let you know if this is the case.  

Understandably, nobody wants to be in jail any longer than they have to be.  Jail, by design, is usually pretty miserable. Usually, the family members who are rushing to get their loved one out of jail are just as scared, if not more, than the arrested person.  We can help you through the process.

If you need to get a loved one out of jail immediately, call (972) 921-8972, anytime, 24 HOURS.

We know it's scary.  Let us help.


When a person is arrested, he / she is usually entitled to bail.  Bail is essentially money given to the court to guarantee the arrested person's promise that he will appear and answer for the charges against him.   An arrested person can "make bail" by posting a cash bond, a bail bond, or less often, a personal bond.  Bail is usually set by a magistrate (judge) and sometimes it can take a couple of days before the judge even sees the arrestee.   If this is the case, then in most Collin County jails at least, the jailer will usually tell you that you need an "Attorney Bond", or a  "Writ Bond" from an Attorney to have your loved one released without having to wait on a judge to set the bond.  

There are many advantages to securing an Attorney Writ Bond.  One advantage is that your loved one is released almost immediately.  Another is that the bond is relatively inexpensive.  For Class A misdemeanors, including DWI, the preset bond amount is 500.00.  For a Class B  misdemeanor, the bond amount is only 350.00.  Attorney Writ Bonds are usually available unless the charge is a Felony or Family Violence charge. 

You can use a bondsman to post the bond if you do not have the full amount, but the money you pay a bondsman is her fee and you will not receive any of that money back.  If you post a cash bond for the full amount, then almost all of that will be given back at the end of the case.   

If you need to get a loved one out of jail immediately, call (972) 921-8972, anytime, 24 HOURS. 

We know it's scary.  Let us help.

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Getting your loved one out of jail is probably the most urgent thing on your mind right now, but after we arrange their release, they will have a lot of questions and want to know their next steps.  Feel free to have them call us and schedule an appointment to meet and talk about their case.   We can help.