Domestic Violence, Assault Family Violence

Domestic Violence Lawyer

Assault / Family Violence

Arguments become heated.  Sometimes the police need to be called, and sometimes they don't. In Collin, Dallas, or Denton Counties, you can be fairly sure that someone is going to jail when the police are called. Many times, the only reason 911 is dialed is because someone wants the police to come and "de-escalate" the situation.  That usually doesn't happen.   The police will almost always take someone to jail for a domestic violence call.      


We Can Help You.

The goal in a family violence case is a refusal, a dismissal, an acquittal, or a reduction to anything other than family violence.   Penalties for family violence convictions are extremely harsh.  We will put you on a path to help ensure the best possible outcome to your case.  

Jail Release

If someone you know or love has just been arrested for Assault Family Violence, then call us.  We can help you get them out quickly.  

Protective Order

If you or your loved one have already been released, then call us to set up an appointment to meet and talk about the case.    Many times, there are harsh "conditions of bond," or a protective order that will prevent you from seeing your family.   We can help with this.