Expunction, Non-disclosure, clearing your record

Expunction and Non-Disclosure Attorney

Clearing your Criminal Record


When someone is arrested, a record is made with the jail, the courts, the District Attorney, the FBI, Immigration, DPS, and others.

When we handle any criminal case, our ultimate goal is to protect your record.  We will do everything possible to put you into a position to keep your record as clean as possible.   We may work toward an expunction, which is a complete erasure of your charge, or a non-disclosure (second best), which hides or "seals" the record from public access.  

There are a lot of ways to protect your record if you have a new charge, but you may also have old charges that you would like cleared.  We can let you know if any of your old charges can be removed or hidden.   

The cleaner your record, the better.   A criminal conviction can limit you in many different ways.   You could be turned down for a job, or financial aid, or a scholarship, or an apartment, etc...  We can help.