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Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds are not Writ Bonds.  You need a Lawyer for a Writ Bond.  See our Writ Bond page for more info on immediate jail release.   

We do not post surety bonds, but we thought you might like some more information about it.  

When a person is arrested in Plano, Allen, Frisco, McKinney or Richardson, or anywhere in Collin County, they are booked-in at the jail and they wait for a judge to set a bond (usually the next morning, but could be a couple of days)  The judge may set the bond very low, or very high, depending on many different factors.   When this happens, you have a couple of different options.  


Let's just say that a judge sets a bond for 1000.00 for a DWI, then you can go to the jail and give the jail 1000.00 in cash to release the person.  This is a cash bond.  The county will hold the money for you until the end of the case.  When the case is over (if the defendant has appeared in court when he/she was supposed to) then the county will refund that amount back to the defendant (less a small admin fee).  



Let's use the same example as above.   

If you choose not to post a cash bond, then you can call a Collin County Bond Company, and for a small fee, they will put up the 1000.00 with the county for you.  The fee they charge is their fee and you will not get any of that money back.    Many people hear of Bond companies charging 10%, but in this example, it would be higher.  I don't know of any Bond company that will do anything for 100.00.   They usually have a minimum fee of 185.00 - 250.00.  On higher bond amounts, 10% is about right.   

In this case, many people would choose to hire a bond company for different reasons.   Maybe they don't have the full 1000.00 right now.  Maybe it is after hours and their bank is closed and the ATM will only allow a certain amount to be withdrawn per day.   Maybe they would rather pay a smaller amount to a bond company now, and keep as much money on hand as possible to go toward attorney fees.    

If a judge has already set a bond, and you cannot get the person released with an Attorney Writ Bond, then the information below should help.   Here is a list of approved Collin County Bond companies.   This is the most current info that the county has published as of this writing.  

Delta Bail Bonds 

205 S. McDonald St 

McKinney, Texas 75069


You Walk Bail Bonds 

1011 University Dr.

McKinney, Texas 75069

972-658-7753 or 972-542-6811

Tess Armstrong Bail Bonds

201 W. Boyd Suite 1058 

Allen, Texas 75013


Pat Kinnard Bail Bonds 

1400 Ave G, Suite 200 

Plano, Texas 75074


Plan B Bail Bonds 

501 S. McDonald St 

McKinney, Texas 75069


Bubba’s Bail Bonds 

1207 W. University Dr. Suite 101 C 

McKinney, Texas 75069


Act Now Bail Bonds 

201 S. McDonald 

McKinney, Texas 75069


A Swift Bail Bonds 

201 S. McDonald Suite B 

McKinney, Texas 75069


AA Best Bail Bonds 

1330 N. McDonald Suite 110 

McKinney, Texas 75069


Discount Bail Bonds

1201 E. 15TH#211 

Plano, Texas 75074


Bail Bond Headquarters Of Collin County 

1011 University Dr. 

McKinney, Texas 75069


A EZ Out Bail Bonds

1201 E. 

15th Street #340

Plano, Texas 75069


Collin County Bonding Service 

1207 W. University Dr Suite 101 C 

McKinney, Texas 75069


Goodfellas Bail Bonds 

312 E. Cloyd Street 

McKinney, Texas 75069


Doc’s Bail Bonds 

1502 West University, Suite 101 

McKinney, Texas 75069


Buzzard Billy’s Bail Bonds 

1011 University Dr. 

McKinney, Texas 75069


Bond Doctor Nationwide Bail Bond Service 

1502 West University, Suite 101B 

McKinney, Texas 75069


Immediate Bail Bonds 

1515 S. McDonald Suite 106 

McKinney, Texas 75069


Webb’s Statewide Bail Bonds 

6951 Virginia Parkway #306

McKinney, Texas 75071


Allied Bonding Agency 

501 S. McDonald Street 

McKinney, Texas 75069